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About Tracy Perry Salon, Gulfport, MS hair coloring services-

Exciting news in highlights! New Tinsel Highlights and feather hair extensions available at our
Gulfport, MS salon.
Ombre and Dip Dye with feather extension bundles are hot!

Our Gulfport Beauty Salon carries hundreds of vibrant, rich high gloss hair colors to choose from. Each client carefully selects their new hair color(s) with
their personal
hair stylists assistance. Our Hair Colorists are experienced and well skilled in Balayage hair coloring, dimensional hair coloring and
foil high lighting for creating any hair fashion trends.

With so many types of
color placements to choose from, which type is right for me?
Well it all starts with the right
hair cut. Once a desired  hair cut or hair style is chosen, the color placement is then designed to flatter the hair cut and
while keeping you within the current hair trends.

Did you know that highlights are no longer considered seasonal in the fashion industry? High lights are now worn throughout the year. Moderate highlight
are considered  fashionable even in the fall and are actually encouraged for complimenting certain skin tone and eye color combinations. They are
generally chosen and matched with colors in the brown- red
hair color families. It's just amazing how a few simple dimensional foil highlights or a great
hair color
can do for any haircut!
Tracy Perry Hair Salon Gulfport, Ms Biloxi Beauty

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Dimensional foil highlighting -
Streaking effect. Leaves defined multi
colored streaks. Not only are they
stylish but they add depth and
dimension as well.
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Balayage hair color painting- Highlighting has a natural and
subtle appearance. It is a hand painted technique. These
highlighted areas are only lightened by one to two levels
lighter than your natural hair color.
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Before grey hair color camouflaging
After grey hair color camouflaging
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Block foiling
dramatic streaks or
Foil highlighting leaves visible yet subtle
natural looking streaks. Not only are they
as well.
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Gulfport hair coloring beauty salon hair services
Grey Color Camouflaging-  A milder hair coloring process which will tint only the grey hairs without affecting your natural hair color. This grow in
Using this option will depend upon the percentage of
grey hair, areas of grey and the texture of your hair.

Clear Glazing- This mild colorless hair color service adds tremendous shine and extra volume without changing the color or tone of your hair. This
is perfect for people who want to enhance their natural hair color. Lasts 6-8 weeks.

Double Process Hair Color- This is when the hair requires two separate processes to achieve a desired color and/or tone.
These are charged as two separate hair color processes with a slight discount for the second hair coloring process.

All Over Color- Coloring the hair a solid hair color to add vibrancy, shine and richness.

All Over color retouch- Retouching
solid hair color new growth. This is usually a single process hair coloring service.

Tint Back- This hair coloring service is used to return hair as close as possible to your former natural shade and level. This service
may require more than one process to provide desired tone and longevity.
Number of processes required are contingent upon the current level and tone verses the desired level and tone.

Corrective Hair Coloring- Don't cry over it, come in and let us fix it!
Often times, this
service requires several hours and multiple hair color processes and or treatments to achieve desired results but
sometimes it may be much more simple than that. We offer
free consultations, stop in and one of our hair colorist evaluate it.

Hair extensions- We offer individual hair extensions. These fun colored hair extensions come in a wide variety of colors including:  
black, red, white, blue, magenta, pink, green and natural colors such as blond and brown. Using this option allows clients the
opportunity to have fun and experiment with
hair color without committing to it or using hair coloring chemicals. These are excellent
alternatives for teenagers during the summer months or someone only interested in only a few
blond highlights.

We offer woman hair colors, mens hair color and teen hair colors.

Call today for a no obligation free
salon hair color or hair cut consultation at 832-2240.

Call on our
hair stylists in Gulfport, MS to give you a great fresh new look. The beauty salon is located west of Biloxi, east of  Bay St.
Louis and Kiln and we are just south of  Wiggins and Hattiesburg. The salon is located on Highway 49 in
Gulfport off of interstate 10.
If traveling from I-10 one exit past Woolmarket. If you will be traveling from I-10 west, you will be exiting just one exit past Long
Beach, MS. This  salon has received some of the best reviews by area locals on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Let us share our
continued education experience with you. Our
experienced hair sylists would love an opportunity to make your day brighter.

Great hair color such as highlites and lowlites are only a phone call away. Call for an appointment today at 228-832-2240
12261 Highway 49 Suite 2-B Gulfport, MS 39503
Gulfport hair salon.

Other salon services include;
airbrush tanning, hair cut, keratin treatments, permanent straightening, permanents ( perms, body
waves) and hair styling wedding hair styles (updos, curls).  BEAUTY SALONS GULFPORT 228-832-2240
color pattern techniques with the utmost precision. This type of highlighting can be used to create either dramatic effects or accentual effects to otherwise plain

Foil Low lighting - This salon service is done when hair is lacking depth or it is used to achieve darker shades within the hair without committing to an overall
dark hair color.

Block foil Highlighting- A foil highlighting technique that shows dramatic pieces of color creating bold streaks, chunks and large areas of coloring
differences. Can also display windows of colors peeking through other layers of colors.

dimension to any hairstyle. The placement can be done to make the hair color appear either more natural or more dramatic.   

Accent Foil Highlighting- Often referred to as "Fashion Foil Hair Coloring", is a smaller quantity of foils strategically placed into the design of the hair cut to
French term for "shaded". Shaded
hair coloring can be done in many ways. Ombre is a two toned hair color in a vertical direction in the hair, whereas Dip Dye
consists of multiple
colors radiating either vertically or horizontally through the hair.

Balayage Hair Coloring- Balayage is the French term for "sweeping" and is used to describe the stylists hand sweeping the hair color into the hair. Balayage
hair coloring
is the art of strategically painting hair color(s) into the hair. Hi-lites or low-lites. Balayage as sometimes spelled 'balliage' or 'baliage is the
European hair color technique which creates a natural and subtle hint of color progression.
salon hair color service is perfect for those who want a subtle change with low maintenance. The color selected is generally only one to two shades lighter
or darker than your
natural color. The strategic placement using this coloring method allows the new growth to be less revealing with little or no demarcation. If
you are
color shy, then balayage hair coloring just may be the perfect hair color service for you.

Hair Color Glazing-  Color glazing is a very gentle way to add tint, shine vibrancy and body to your hair without making any drastic changes to your natural
hair color. Hair color glazing adds immense shine and ultra body to lifeless hair while enhancing your natural hair color with subtle vibrancy.
Tinsel Highlights also known as;Shimmer
sparkle highlights
Hair color can greatly change the appearance of any hair style. We offer a multitude of hair coloring services and all stylist are trained
and skilled in the most advanced hair coloring techniques. Hair color pricing is per consultation. Prices vary upon the number of
processes required, the amount of product used, time and skill involved. Senior hair stylist and Master hair stylist specialize in corrective
hair coloring. For more information about our hair color services please visit our FAQ about hair
color services

  • Hi-lighting- Single process crown $65 & up
  • Hi-lighting- Double process crown $100 & up
  • Hi-lighting- Single process full head $90
  • Hi-lighting- Double process full head $150 & up
  • Multi color dimensional Hi-lighting- Single process crown $85 & up
  • Multi color dimensional Hi-lighting- Double process crown $105 & up
  • Single process all over color $65 & up
  • Single process hair color retouch $55 & up
  • Grey color camouflage $55 & up
  • Grey color camouflage retouch $45 & up
  • Balayage hi-lights- Crown area $45 & up
  • Balayage hi-lights- Full head $85 & up
  • Tinsel Hi-lights $30 & up
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