Feather hair extensions.....Are you looking for a highlighting hair texture that's a little more bold?
Well Feather Hair Extensions and fun colored hair extensions may be the answer for you. Visit our Hair Extensions page for
more info. These hair feathers can also be curled, shampooed, blow dried and flat ironed, withstanding heat up to 450

If traditional highlights are what you're looking for, then please  visit out "
Foil Highlights" salon website page.

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Tinsel Highlights and Feather Extensions

Tinsel Hair Highlights and Tinsel Hair Extensions-
There is a whole new meaning to the phrases "red carpet reds" and "Sparkling Highlights". Metalic highlights are here! You read that correctly. We
have metalic highlighting services.
Sparkling highlights are in! Tinsel hair extensions come in a wide variety of colors. These glitter highlights
are made to look as thought they are growing out from your scalp. They come in different colors as and options such as solid or sparkle. Call our
Gulfport, MS beauty salon today to schedule a free consultation. These fun and fashionable highlights are made of Poly Thai Silk. These are very
tiny, super thin and they are nothing like easter basket Tinsel. They glisten in the hair and have a much more natural appearance verse hair feather

*It is thin, incredibly strong and can withstand chemical treatments, such as colors, highlights and perms.
*It can be washed, blow-dried, straightened, curled and combed through.
*Can withstand heat up to 356 degrees.
*Tie it onto only 1-2 strands of hair.
*It last in hair for 2 weeks to 6 months.
*Perfect for the client that wants that something extra but does not want to bleach, color, maintain or pay a fortune.
*Cutting edge style.

Several colors available including:

Glam Gold
Glam Silver
Glam Red
Glam Pink

Many more colors are available. The above listed colors of hair tinsel highlights are the most popular. Colors can be mixed and matched to add
dimension and boldness. Speaking of bold........ Try some
feathers in your hair or fun colored hair extensions. Glamor colored extensions and
feather extensions can all be bundled together to create a unique style.
Feather Hair Extensions
also known as
Feather Highlights" are a
fun way to express your
individual style. These
feathers can be grouped
together and customized
to suit your own personal
style. With these feathers
you can;

  • Shampoo
  • Blow Dry
  • Flat Iron
  • Curl

Hair feathers can with
stand up to 450 degrees!
Treat these feather hair
extensions just as you
would your natural hair.
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Feather Extensions
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