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Hi-Def Professional Makeup-
Airbrush Make Up Artists

The art of airbrush makeup is certainly nothing new and it's actually has been around for many years now. The goal of wearing makeup is to enhance an
individual's best features and draw attention away from their not so flattering areas. Professional make-up application is key for that special day. This is where
highly skilled and trained professionals come in to save the day for a that special event to be photographed and last a lifetime. Professional makeup Artists
practice the art of creating optical illusions within the pattern of an individual's face by using contouring and highlighting of specific areas which art unique to each
individual. These optical illusions are so subtle and natural in appearance that they can't be readily detected.

Our Professional Makeup Artists are highly skilled in the art of airbrush makeup applications which are specifically designed for Hi-Def television. Our Artist's in
depth training and continued education has skilled them beyond that of an average artist's talent. With a strong emphasis in contouring and highlighting to
maximize the beauty that already exists within their clients face, our Makeup Artists welcome even the most difficult of challenges in the most difficult conditions.

Every client's makeup application is a work of art designed specifically to suit the client's individual face shape, natural features, skin tone, eye coloring and
underlying pigments. Although we prefer to color match each client ourselves, instead if you like, we can custom color match your current foundation. If this is
your choice, bring your foundation with you to your makeup application appointment and your makeup artist will create a color match using our airbrush makeup.

All of our professional airbrush makeup is a durable 24 hour wear makeup and will not rub off easily. We also offer WATERPROOF foundation with no extra

Things our Makeup Artist will take into consideration while working on their masterpiece.
  • The subject's primary concerns & goals
  • The subjects natural pigment
  • The subject's features
  • The subject's age
  • The subject's facial shape
  • The type of event the client will be attending
  • The environment in which the client will be exposed

Every client receives a custom color match using a unique blend made specifically to match and compliment their natural pigments.

Types of make-up applications offered by our professional Makeup Artists.

  • Extended wear makeup applications for formal events
  • Waterproof wear makeup applications for Weddings, humid tropical settings and water photo shoots
  • Glitz & Glamour wear makeup applications for homecoming, prom and glamour photo shoots
  • Hi-Def wear makeup applications for television & broadcasting events
  • Stage wear makeup applications for carnivals, stage work & photo shoots

Make up services offered in both Ala Carte and packages;
For Ala Carte purchases a minimum makeup application service of $25 is required
  • Airbrushed eye brow enhancement (sculpting & filling) $10
  • Airbrushed eye shadows  $15
  • Airbrush blemish cover up (included with foundation application)
  • Airbrush foundation (Extended wear & waterproof available) $15
  • Airbrushed blusher $10
  • Airbrushed lips $10
  • Airbrushed contouring/bronzing & highlighting of the face $15
  • Airbrushed eye liner $10
  • Glamour eyes glitter eye liner $10
  • Artificial lashes (top lashes only) $25
  • Mascara application $5
  • Airbrushed tanning (customized & must be done 24 hours prior to makeup application) $35
  • Airbrushed masks and other art work pricing per consultation only
  • Tattoo cover up pricing is per consultation only

$110 value - The Complete Beauty Make-Over Package $85
Airbrush foundation (extended wear or waterproof)
Airbrushed blemish cover up
Airbrushed blusher
Airbrushed eye shadows
Your choice of airbrushed eyeliner or Glamour eyes glitter eye liner
Airbrushed eye brow enhancement
Airbrushed contouring and highlighting
Airbrushed lips
Artificial lashes (top lashes only)
Any Ala Carte items can be added to any package. Prices listed above in the makeup main price menu.
This package will save you $25

$55 value - A touch of Glamour Package $45
Airbrush foundation (extended wear or waterproof)
Airbrushed blemish cover up
Airbrush blusher
Airbrushed eye shadows
Your choice of airbrushed eye liner or Glamour eyes glitter eye liner
Mascara application
Any Ala Carte items can be added to any package. Prices listed above in the makeup main price menu.
This package will save you $10

Bridal make-up packages available

Gulfport, MS Tracy Perry Beauty Salon's appointment phone number 228-832-2240
Have an upcoming filming project and need a Make-up Artist and/or Hair Designers? Our licensed professionals use the highest quality professional products
designed for hi-definition.
Whether you're filming for a quick photo shoot, local commercial, or up-coming block buster movie Tracy Perry Salon's artists can handle the task. Our Artists are
travel ready, highly experienced in the industry, are problem solvers as well as comfortable with the fast pace, high pressure involved. Specializing in Commercial,
Wedding, beauty, and glamor makeup with the supplies and skills to do music videos and body art.

Stand in is available within a 60 mile radius of Gulfport, MS but a contract is required for further distances.

For more information about our filming industry contract work call  228 . 832 . 2240

Contracting for Commericial and Film