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About our salon Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening services-
Permanently straightening hair

Did you know that you had options?

You can finally have the hair that you've always dreamed of!

Another great option for straightening your hair is our Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Japanese Permanent Straightening  is a refined art in the field of cosmetology. It requires special skills, training and careful application.

This process works by breaking down the bonds between the
hair's protein molecules. Once the bonds are broken down, the hair looses it's memory for
the natural shape. Once this has taken place, your
hair is given a new memory of shape infused with proteins and moisture, then the cuticle is
permanently sealed with the new shape and proteins and moisture enclosed inside of the hair shaft.

In many cases the
hair is left healthier, stronger and moisturized much more intensely from within the hair itself. Permanent hair straightening will not
shampoo out of the hair and must grow out. Retouches can be performed about every 6-8 months on the
new growth.

After a
Permanent Hair Straightening Service, hair is left silky smooth and straight. Hair cannot be wet or shampooed for a minimum of 72 hours after
the service is performed. You may lightly
straighten hair with a flat iron after wakening for the day to remove bedtime kinks or bumps.

permanent hair straightening service is performed, it leaves hair virtually maintenance free but it also makes the hair very difficult to scrunch or curl
even when using a curling iron. If you do not intend to ever
scrunch or curl your hair and desire virtually maintenance free hair styling on a daily basis, then
permanent hair straightening process  is probably the best choice for you.

If you want all of the benefits from
permanent hair straightening but desire to scrunch or curl your hair periodically, then Keratin Complex Smoothing
Therapy Treatment
 may be a better option for you.

Dependent upon the
length and thickness of you hair this permanent hair straightening services could take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to complete.

Permanent Hair Straightening is offered by appointment only.

You must schedule a
free consultation appointment prior to booking an appointment for permanent straightening services. Due to the amount of time
required to perform the service (4-6 hours) half of the
service price must be paid upon booking the actual service appointment. The consultation
appointment is free of charge and only requires about 10-15 minutes of your time.

straight hair by permanently straighten your hair with the Japanese technology. Straightening your hair permanently is a big commitment. You
should put careful thought into this decision. Curling your hair may be difficult. If you desire to wear your hair curly occasionally, you may want to consider a
professional salon keratin treatment service.

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treatments and permanent hair straightening are all forms of chemical texturizing. The beauty industry is ever changing and improving this
art with new technology regularly and it's for this reason that our hair stylists continue their education in chemical texturizing on a regular
basis. This enables our salon to provide you with the most current technological breakthroughs to date.