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Hair Extensions
Fun colored Hair Extensions-
Express your style! Fun colored hair extensions are a great way to add color and style to you hair without coloring your natural hair. Choose from bold, in
your face placement or subtle splashes of color using brightly colored hair extensions. Great colors including Red, Violet, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Burgundy,
Teal, Green, Blue, Orange and Yellow or any combination. We only use 100% Remy Human hair. Remy is the highest quality of hair extension that you can
buy. With the use of fun colored hair extensions you can mix and match colors for an extra splash of style without the big commitment of coloring your own
natural hair. Price is based upon length desired & quantity needed to achieve your desired look. Consultation appointments can be made by calling 228-832-

Human Hair Extensions-
This page is loaded with useful information about professional hair extensions. Please take a moment to read the page in it's entirety. Persons desiring hair
extensions must have at least 5-6 inches of natural hair length.

Depending upon your natural hair's length, you can achieve long luxurious locks or add just a few inches.
Every fitting is different and is based upon individual client goals. These are 100% Remy human hair extensions that are custom fitted and color matched to
your natural hair. 100% Remy human hair extensions are the absolute best quality of hair used for hair extensions.

Whatever your lifestyle, hair extensions are easy to maintain and last approximately three months before needing an adjustment.

With Human Hair Extensions, there are many options to choose from. Our stylists will consult with you the options which are available and the variations of
pricing for each option. The life of your hair extensions will depend on you entirely and the type of extensions you ultimately decide to go with.

When your hair grows out and your extensions need to be moved up, there is no reason to have to purchase more hair each time! Quality human hair
extensions are expensive, by reusing the hair it creates an incredible savings to you, the client. With the quality of professional hair our salon uses, and the
method of application that our salon uses, the hair is reusable! The amount of times that the hair can be reused varies by the type of hair you decide upon
and the method of application. All of these options will be discussed and presented to you during your consultation and prior to ordering your custom
matched hair. Our full head hair extension services include a free hair cut, shape up.

Human hair extensions may be for you if...
  • You're looking to grow out your natural hair and you want instant gratification
  • You're seeking long luxurious celebrity locks
  • You're just wanting to add thickness and volume to your current length
  • You're wanting to give your hair shine and luster
  • You're looking for natural highlights and you don't want to commit to coloring your hair
  • You're wanting to add wave to your straight hair without perming it
  • You're looking for a fun hair color (pink, blue etc...) without the commitment
  • If you desire an asymmetrical hair cut on your already short hair

Hair extension maintenance-
Following the initial application of your new hair extensions, it is crucial that a maintenance and follow-up schedule be developed. Remember, regardless of
how natural and real your hair extensions look and feel, they must be properly cared for and maintained by your Salon Certified Hair Stylist Hair Extensionist
to ensure the longevity and beauty of both your natural hair and your new extensions. Depending upon the speed of your natural hair growth maintenance
visits will be required every 4-12 weeks depending on the type of hair extensions. Allowing hair extension maintenance to go past maintenance time can
result in serious damage to your natural hair, become difficult to work with as well as potentially becoming an eye sore. Maintenance visits give the stylist the
opportunity to view each and every extension and spot any potential damage done while wearing the extensions. Most maintenance visits will require moving
the hair extension up as the natural hair grows out whereas some of your maintenance visits are simply to check up on your extensions. Our hair extensionist
will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding thee maintenance of your hair extensions during your consultation.

Our Stylist will suggest a routine maintenance plan that's right for you and your new extensions. Our Stylists will also educate you on how to best care for
your new hair between salon visits with recommended conditioners and hairstyling tools. After the initial application you will visit our salon at routine intervals
for touch-ups and up-keep maintenance.

Hair extension Shedding-
It's said that it's normal to loose 8%-10% of all hair extensions due to shedding. This is part of routine maintenance. The longer between maintenance visits,
the more shedding will occur. For strand by strand extensions it is NOT recommended to go longer than 8-12 weeks before a maintenance visit! As far as
adhesive hair extensions go, it is not recommended to go longer than 7-8 weeks, some not more than 4 weeks! Regular maintenance visits are critical to
both your investment in your hair extensions and the health of your natural hair. Shedding is caused by normal abuse, wear and tear. Depending upon the
hair extension type you've chosen, a hair extension which has shed may be able to be reapplied during a maintenance visit. Hair extensions can be worn with
no damage to your natural hair if they are maintained properly!

Methods of salon hair extension service offered:

Professional adhesive extensions- Also known as "tape in hair extensions"  or "Sticker Hair Extensions".
Some of the names of the adhesive hair extension companies we use are; Cinderella Hair, So.Cap, Simplicity, Short 2 Long, Ron King Invisatab are just
some of the names of professional hair extension companies we use. Your hair extensionist will discuss all of the options available and which ones suit your
hair type best. Depending upon professional brand chosen these can last anywhere from three to six months. Adhesive hair extensions are great when
temporary longer length is desired for weddings, updos, proms, homecoming or other special events. These are also great if you're trying to grow your hair
out from a shorter hair style while your natural hair grows or if you're just seeking thickness and volume from your current length and hair style. Depending
on how well you take care of these extensions, they can be reused up to three times! This service requires 1-2 hours booking time depending upon your
current style and desired goal.

Benefits of our adhesive extensions:
  • Lasts up to two months before a maintenance visit is required (depends upon your natural hair growth)
  • Hair can be reused up to three times with proper home care
  • Less expensive than strand by strand hair extensions using the same quality of hair
  • You spend less time in the salon for both your fitting and maintenance visits

Strand by strand professional extensions- Also may be known as individual, infused, fused, link, beaded, I-tip or stick tip extensions. Strand by strand
application method of hair extensions are the most desired, discreet and low maintenance hair extensions available. We do NOT offer hot fused hair
extensions. Cold fusion and warm fusion are the safest and most advanced hair extensions in the industry for strand by strand application.

  • Cold Fusion- These are applied to your natural hair using a link (bead), which, once applied, is flat and discreet near the scalp area. Unlike some
    other types of hair extensions no damaging glue or heat is required for this method of application. Additionally the hair can be reused many times
    over, whereas keratin bonded extensions require the purchase of new hair each time. Maintenance visits will be required between every 4 weeks and
    every 8 weeks depending upon the speed that your natural hair grows. This service requires 3-6 hours booking time depending upon your current
    style and desired goal. Dream Catchers Paris Hilton and Short 2 Long are just a few of our professional suppliers for this type of hair extension.Dream
    Catchers Paris Hilton are significantly higher price than Short 2 Long and some of our other professional hair extension companies but their patented
    tip allows them to be reused for as long as 2-3 years whereas Short 2 Long can only be reused up to 6-9 months.

  • Warm Fusion- These are applied to your natural hair using a keratin bond. Unlike the hot fusion application which requires the hair extensionist to use
    a hot tool to apply the extension, this method does not require extreme heat. It is a warm temperature which can be easily touched without burn.
    Additionally the hair lays within it's natural fall position verses being twisted into a compressed space. The difference in appearance between hot
    fusion and warm fusion hair extensions is significant as well. Warm fusion are much more discreet and natural flowing and the bond is far more
    discreet. We only use SO-Cap SHE hair extensions for the warm fusion application process.

Pros to using cold fusion verses warm fusion;
  • Hair can be reused many times depending on the condition of the hair extension resulting in a financial savings for you over a period of time. With cold
    fusion Dream catchers hair extensions last much longer than Short 2 Long due to their patented tip and quality of hair.
  • No solvents are used during the removal of the hair extensions.

Cons to using cold fusion verses warm fusion;
  • With the financial savings over a period of time, you sacrifice length. Long hair is only pretty if it's healthy. Whether it's your natural hair or hair
    extensions, hair is not indestructible and requires routine trims to maintain a luster and healthy appearance. When reusing hair extensions regular
    trims must be done, resulting in shorter hair extensions each visit. With warm fusion you're getting new hair each time resulting in silky, luxurious new
    hair with every visit.

Hair extension consultations-
Hair extension consultations take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. All salon service consultations are free with the exception of hair extension
consultations. Our hair extension consultations are only $20, should you decide to book an appointment for any hair extension service except accent pieces,
this $20 will be credited back to you at the time the extension service fitting is done. Should you decide to schedule an appointment for hair extensions a non
refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost to be paid at this stage, this is because the hair is ordered specifically for your requirements, and you will be
booked for your appointment  anywhere between 3 days to 2 weeks later depending upon the hair we need to order. Keep in mind the hair ordered is custom
ordered to match your very own color and texture, this may require time for our professional hair extension manufacturers to match your hair and ship it to
the salon!

Hair Extension prices vary based upon the following circumstances:
  • Your current length verses the length you desire
  • Whether or not you want to add volume or length
  • The overall look that your going for
  • Your hair type
  • The type of extensions you desire
  • The amount of extensions and work required to reach your desired goal
  • The amount of time that you'd like your extensions to last
  • The type of hair extensions you desire
  • The length of the hair extensions you desire

Starting prices for adhesive hair extensions:
Consultations $25- this $25 fee is credited to your extension purchase
Accent of color (peek a boos) start at $30 each
Add density to your ends (no length added) starts at $100 & up
Thickening of hair (no length added) starts at $200 & up
Add beach wave look and thicken to your naturally straight hair $200 & up
Do a full head of custom fitted extensions starting at $600
Re-Fusion services using the same hair $200 & up
Maintenance visit costs vary greatly upon type and regularity of visits maintenance visits may cost anywhere from $35 to $200 depending upon home care
and natural hair growth.

Starting prices for strand by strand cold fusion hair extensions:
Consultations $25- In most cases, this $25 fee is credited to your extension purchase
Accent streaks start at $10 each (great for adding temporary fun colors)
Add density to your ends (no length) strand by strand $200 & up
Thickening of hair (no length) at $400 & up
Add beach wave look and thicken to your naturally straight hair $400 & up
Do a full head of custom extensions starting at $1200
Re-Fusion services using the same hair $600 & up
Maintenance visit costs vary greatly upon type and regularity of visits maintenance visits may cost anywhere from $50 to $400 depending upon home care
and natural hair growth.

Hair extension removal services-
Are you tired of the outdated hot fused hair extensions and need them removed professionally? No problem, our licensed and experienced hair extensionists
(extension specialists) offer removal services for only $75 per hour, with a one hour minimum with no commitment to purchase any hair extension services.
While having your hair extensions removed, should you decide to book an appointment with one of our experienced hair stylists to receive a full head fitting
of hair extensions, you will receive a $50 credit toward your hair extension service. This $50 credit is good toward a full head extension fitting service only
and is only valid for 30 days from the time you use our hair professional extension removal services.

Clip in hair extensions-
Clip in hair extensions are NOT intended for daily wear and should be reserved for special event or occasional wear. We highly discourage the use of clip in
extensions due to the damage that occurs to your natural hair when not applied professionally or worn excessively. Another reason for damage to your
natural hair is the weight of clip in extensions are often too much for your natural hair and scalp to bear. Permanent hair loss from traction alopecia is not
uncommon with the use of clip in hair extensions. Since these are most often applied at home, they are usually applied incorrectly, thus causing serious
damage to the hair and scalp. They are intended for short term use only, wearing clip in extensions for extended period of 6 hours or more can cause
serious distress to the hair and scalp leaving your natural hair severely broken and your scalp irritated. Professional clip in extensions can be custom
ordered at our salon to match your hair color and texture. Pricing of clip in extensions depends upon the quality, quantity and length desired. We offer
application services for these clip in extensions as well. Cost for professional applications of clip in extensions start at $20 and go up based upon the
quantity to be installed.

So whether your looking for
highlights, lowlights or just to change your current hairstyle or hair cut hair extensions might be the right choice for you.

model using Simlicity adhesive hair
extensions. Prior to receiving her
extensions this model was never called
on work as a hair model. Now she
receives all types of work as a hair
model for photo shoots.
Tinsel Hair Highlights and Tinsel Hair Extensions-
extensions for an extra bold new look. Tinsel can be shampooed, blown dry, flat ironed or curled. This is
very popular right now and it adds a little glimmer to the already fun colored extensions.

Visit our Tinsel Highlight page or call for an appointment for a free consultation. 228-832-2240.
Gulfport, MS salon hair stylists will be happy to discuss color options, prices and advice for
free but an appointment is required for any free consultation.
Tinsel hair extensions , also
known as
glitter hair extensions, are a little more bold in appearance verses Glitter highlights.
Salon is located in Gulfport, MS near Biloxi, MS offering feather hair extensions and tinsel
Feather Hair Extensions- IN STOCK!
buy them, you own them and they can be reused over and over again. Feather extensions can be shampooed, blow dried, flat ironed or curled just like your
natural hair withstanding heat up to 450 degrees!
Changing a hair cut or want to change feather colors?
No problem, we offer feather extension adjustment services. The placement of your feathers can be repositioned at anytime by our experienced hair stylists.

We only carry the highest grade feathers available in the current market which have been sanitized and sterilized for use in the beauty industry.

Not all feathers are created equal. Our feather hair extensions are extremely durable, though they are not indestructible they are stronger than hair. They
maintain their luster and coloring with the abuse of everyday shampooing, blow drying, flat ironing etc... Our feathers have high density, yet they are some of
the most slender feathers on the market. These are the real feathers used by the beauty industry for feather extensions. Don't be fooled, be educated. At
Tracy Perry Salon, we have really done our homework.

Pricing of feather extensions;
At Tracy Perry Salon we feel that our clients should not have to buy new feathers every time they need an adjustment. These feathers are of high quality.
With proper care, these feathers can last up to 6 months, therefore can be reused. We have designed a special pricing system that allows you to reuse your
feathers if you desire to do so rather than requiring you to purchase new feathers with each adjustment.
A feather extension with the application starts at only $10.50. Pricing for feather hair extensions depends upon several factors including the quantity of
feathers, lengths desired, types desired and quantity of applications.

Stop by the salon to see the most beautiful assortment of colors and lengths to choose from. We are proud of our inventory. We have worked very hard to
bring you the highest quality feathers and largest selection of colors to create any custom feather bundle. All of this while keeping the prices as low as

All prepackaged feather extension bundles come with free tinsel.

Some longer lengths are available up to 16" but are in extremely rare and are in limited supply. Some rare colors, rare patterns and longer lengths are priced slightly higher .
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